What are The Joseph Communications?

The Joseph Communications  are a series of internationally-acclaimed spiritual books 'authored' by Joseph - a discarnate spokesperson for a highly-evolved 'group soul' from a higher vibration of reality, through the trance mediumship of Michael G. Reccia.

Written in contemporary, concise, no-nonsense language, and offering a spiritual rather than a religious perspective, The Joseph Communications  provide invaluable insights that speak to the soul; exploring and explaining our spiritual origins in detail, reigniting our dormant capabilities, and offering empowering tools to create positive change and growth for the individual, for all souls on Earth, and for the planet itself.

Joseph's communications have been collected into eight volumes:

Revelation | Illumination | Your Life After Death | the Fall

Trance Mission | From Here To Infinity | Many Voices, One Mission | the Spaces Between

The Joseph Communications  are available in English worldwide as paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks. Spanish and Dutch translations are in progress with translations into additional languages planned. To be notified of new releases, please join our email list.

The Joseph Communications  are published and distributed by the Band of Light, a group of individuals who receive no monies from sales. All revenue is invested in further publishing, advertising, promotion and distribution.

Who is Joseph?

Joseph is a highly evolved spirit ‘guide’ – a person who, having lived and died many times on Earth, has moved into and through the spirit worlds, but who is so deeply concerned about the fate of the individual, of humankind, and of the Earth, that he has chosen to ‘return’ and to deliver vital information from the viewpoint of his higher realm of consciousness through trance medium Michael G. Reccia.

Joseph is concerned not only for our individual personal happiness and well-being, but also for the future of our planet, which currently hangs in the balance. He wishes us to rediscover who we really are and why we are here and, by realizing our full spiritual potential, to help ourselves and each other; and to ultimately transform, regenerate and save the earth.

'My name is Joseph. I have been in the spirit realms for thousands of years and, as I climbed the spiritual ladder, many things were revealed to me. I was made aware of the origins of Creation, the reasons for the Earth being there and the nature of man and his soul. It was pointed out to me that there were many things wrong with the Earth plane: that souls were returning there for the wrong reasons; that they were not learning; that they had become trapped in a cycle of existence and had turned their backs on the true God – the God within them.'

'My reason for contacting the Earth plane again is a simple one: I care. My existence is within a sphere of peaceful vibration. Am I at peace? No, because I am concerned about your world, about the souls on the Earth – about you. We cannot (as part of you, as part of God) turn our backs on the situation – this is why we come back constantly to attempt to change things. My intention is to bring an argument for Light into the darkness and to give you some indication of your abilities as a child of God so that you permeate your physical reality with enough Light to sustain yourselves and to sustain the planet.'

'Things cannot continue in your world as they are. You are still killing each other; you are strangling the planet and you are ignoring your spirituality. There is greater urgency with us as time goes on on your level of consciousness – there is at the moment a great potential for destruction. Destruction has come to the Earth before – it came during my time but it also came long before that. Man is far older in physical form than you realize and my reason for visiting you and expending so much energy is to make sure that there is not a third time. These are the two choices you have: Do something, or do nothing – and the Earth will die. You do not have an infinite number of tomorrows in which to put things right. You have to begin now.'

– Joseph, excerpts from The Joseph Communications

Who is Michael?

Michael G. Reccia has worked as a spirit medium for over thirty-four years, originally offering regular services for spiritualist churches throughout the UK, lecturing and holding workshops at a variety of venues and conducting private reading sessions for individuals at his home, together with international 'remote postal readings' that involved him sitting in an empty room with a photograph of the 'sitter' then recording the messages that came to him from the spirit worlds on behalf of that person.

In 2005, Michael made a link with Joseph and began to bring through The Joseph Communications. Initially the association was a clairvoyant one. However, during Joseph’s transmissions for the second book, Illumination, the link developed into a deeper trance connection, with Michael vacating his physical mind and body during each communication session so that Joseph could take over Michael’s physical and mental states to deliver his addresses directly to the Band of Light and, via them, to the world.

Michael isn't comfortable with the word 'channeler' as he feels the material currently put out under that label across the world varies from the sublime to the ridiculous. He regards himself instead as a simple, but spiritually disciplined conduit through which the messages of Joseph and the thoughts and observations of other highly evolved spirit guides can flow. Please refer to the section about mediumship on the FAQ page to learn more about Michael's process. 

Michael regards the delivery and promotion of The Joseph Communications  as his life 'mission', and a pivotal contribution to the elevation of individual and global spiritual consciousness. He is pleased to see The Joseph Communications  recognized and read increasingly across the world.

When not in a trance state or recovering from one, Michael loves: Jane, mankind, his fellow Band of Light members, art, animals, eating out, film, making models, reading …and finding the time to occasionally pause, draw breath and smell the flowers.

What is the Band of Light?

The Band of Light (BoL) is the title Joseph gave to a core group of individuals responsible for making The Joseph Communications  available to every soul on Earth by publishing and distributing Joseph's messages worldwide.

The four founding members of the Band of Light are Michael, Tony, Jane and David. They are supported by a small team of individuals across the world who are dedicated to sharing Joseph's messages.

The Band of Light receives no monies from sales. All revenue is invested in further publishing, advertising, promotion, and distribution of The Joseph Communications.

David - Michael - Jane - Tony