The Joseph Communications paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks are produced and made available internationally by the Band of Light, a team of four unpaid volunteers.

All revenue is reinvested in the creation, publication and reprinting of the books, the continuing distribution of Joseph’s titles and the considerable outlay needed to evolve a worldwide awareness of the availability of the titles.

It is the intention of the Band of Light to continue to make the books available to as wide a global readership as can possibly be reached within their lifetimes, and, with an eye to the future, to also set up a dedicated next-generation support system whereby The Joseph Communications can continue to be made available to spiritual seekers around the globe.

Some of our current and upcoming projects include:

  • Translating Joseph’s books into additional languages and promoting them in other countries.
  • Recording audiobook versions in additional languages.
  • Advertising in appropriate publications worldwide.
  • Producing new video content for our Youtube channel.
  • Organising and filming events with Michael, again to be made available via the Joseph Communications Youtube channel.

If you feel moved to support this work by making a financial donation, you can do so below.

A heartfelt thank you from us all. Your support and help are humbly and greatly appreciated, and are vital to the Band of Light’s continuing work to illuminate souls and transform the planet.

All sales revenue and donations go back into furthering awareness of The Joseph Communications. No monies are taken personally by the Band of Light.