How Can I Help?

First of all, thank you for your interest. We are humbled by the amount of support we are offered and receive on a daily basis to assist us in sharing Joseph’s messages around the world.

Secondly, we wish to honor you, and make sure you honor yourself, for the help you’ve already given -- you’ve read one or more of Joseph’s books; and in doing so, you’ve made a huge contribution towards helping every soul on Earth to reconnect with who they really are and to understand the reasons for them being here.

If you wish to become even more involved in making souls aware of The Joseph Communications, please consider the following suggestions:


Connect with Yourself

Establish a regular meditation practice. Teach yourself how to go within daily; how to connect with your soul's wisdom. Practice drawing in from your heart center and radiating out Light - positive energy - to the world.

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Connect with Others

In person - share the books with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.


Donate books - to a library, church bookstore, doctor's office waiting room, prison, etc.


Conduct book readings - visit hospitals, elder care homes, prisons, juvenile centers, libraries, etc.


Provide testimonials and/or reviews - on Amazon, Reddit, Quora, etc., or just email us with the comments you would like to share.


Recommend the books on social media - Facebook@TheJosephCommunications, Twitter@Joseph_Speaks, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Connect us with Hubs/Influencers

Help us to broaden Joseph's audience through online media channels: Are you a podcaster, or do you know a podcaster who would be interested in interviewing Michael G. Reccia?


Help us to broaden Joseph's audience through print media channels: Are you a magazine publisher, or do you know a publisher who may be interested in an article from Michael?


Help us to broaden Joseph's audience through television and radio media channels: Are you a producer, or do you know a producer who may be interested in this material?


Provide Financial Support

It is the intention of the Band of Light to continue to distribute The Joseph Communications  to as wide a global readership as can possibly be reached within their lifetimes, and, with an eye to the future, to also set up a dedicated next-generation support system whereby Joseph’s messages can continue to be offered to spiritual seekers around the globe.

Some of our current and upcoming projects include:

  • Translating books into additional languages and promoting them in other countries.
  • Completing recordings for audiobooks in various languages.
  • Expanding our printing, fulfillment and distribution capabilities.

If you feel called to support this work by making a financial donation, please visit the Donation page.


To every person who has taken the time to explore Joseph’s messages, and to all those who have volunteered their time and energy to help make this happen, a sincere thank you from us all!