An eye-opening odyssey through magical, metaphysical realities
the Spaces Between…

…Are filled with wonder, spectacle and the unexpected.
So says Joseph, in this, the eighth book of his internationally-acclaimed series, as he draws back the heavy curtain of ‘reality’ to reveal aspects of the world and of our physical and spiritual lives that have remained unnoticed, unseen and unappreciated for countless aeons.
Within these pages you will meet the many wondrous expressions of spiritual life, both positive and negative, that co-habit and interact with us on Earth – hugely influential beings that at worst have been dismissed entirely and at best confined to the realms of folklore and myth as a result of our current fascination with all things material and the glamour of our express-train society.
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The culmination of many years of mediumistic work and several months of transcribing and collating, the new Communications title Many Voices, One Mission is currently available from our UK site ( – US edition coming soon. You can find full details of this new 480-page book under our Book Shop heading, where you can order your copy now for immediate dispatch.