The Joseph Perspective

A philosophy column based on The Joseph Communications  by Joseph's trance medium Michael G. Reccia.

Light With a Capital ‘L’

On most mornings of the week, I post a quote from The Joseph Communications  series of books on Facebook and Twitter, the first quote on the list as I write this being this one: ‘Live your life in joy, because in living your life in joy you change your world by putting positivity into the …

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Death is Not a Bad Word

We advertise in a wide variety of magazines as part of our ongoing imperative to make people aware of the existence of the The Joseph Communications  books. Particularly effective are those periodicals published specifically for readers aged fifty and over – possibly because people of a certain age who have not previously been active spiritual …

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A Smile Costs Nothing

An essential part of our regular Sunday morning routine is ‘the walk’. If the British summer allows and our snorkels and weatherproofs look like they will hold up we set off soon after breakfast, striding up the main road and eventually reaching and passing through the next two villages. We then cross over by the …

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It’s All Up To You

As readers are quite rightly concerned with other matters over the Christmas period I decided I’d combine December and January’s blogs and publish them once the holidays were over. This, then, is a ‘blog of two halves’, the first of which concerns a visitor we found on our doorstep one frosty morning just after Christmas. …

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Reflections of Yourself

Jane and myself recently spent a few days in Durham, a bustling, compact, pretty city boasting an awe-inspiring cathedral and a castle with a long and colourful history. It was the former that held a particular fascination for Jane, with us visiting this imposing edifice no less than four times during our short stay. Within …

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A Question of Vibration

The other Saturday, having visited the bank, I was followed home. Not content with tracking me back to my house, the person in question then decided to move in with me and proceeded to shadow my every action closely, both day and night. I wasn’t aware of this happening, you understand. At least not at …

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