by Michael G. Reccia

Revealed - the power to transform yourself and this planet.

Within these pages you will not only discover that true power on Earth in reality rests with you, you will also learn how to create peace of mind, harmony and happiness, both in your personal experiences and across the world.

Sounds too good to be true?

Not when you use this book as a manual for self and global enlightenment by embracing and practising the simple, spiritual, non-religious visualisations and concepts it contains to make a positive and instant difference to the way you live and to the way things are here.

At a time when society has never been so violent, materialistic and selfish, Illumination  gives you  the power to make a difference, reveals that what you believe you create, and demonstrates that the better world you long for is  attainable for yourself, for your children and for every single soul on this planet.