by Michael G. Reccia

A book to change your world.

In this, the first of The Joseph Communications  series of books, the highly evolved spirit Joseph, who has lived many times on Earth reaching far back into history, invites you to understand who and what you really are, where you came from, why you are here and the miraculous things you are capable of achieving.

Speaking through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia over a period of three years to deliver his first vital message for mankind, Joseph offers in these pages a completely different way of looking at your life, rich insight into the amazing potential of the human spirit and a simple, effective plan for changing the future of this planet before it’s too late.

Revelation – Who You Are, Why You’re Here  will revolutionalise your views on a variety of topics including: thought, healing, religion, illness, violence, power and the nature of reality itself.

Intelligent, thought-provoking, non-religious and written in direct, concise language, this title will empower you by revealing the essential truth about yourself and your world. Through it you will not only discover your spiritual heritage but also the vital, active part you play in creation.