the Fall

by Michael G. Reccia

Aeons ago something happened ...and you were there! 

Spiritually speaking, you are ‘not yourself’…

There is so much more to you than you now imagine, and for time immemorial you have carried suppressed memories of the cataclysmic happening that resulted in the dysfunctional societies and wounded planet humankind has inherited today…

…So says Joseph, the highly evolved spirit communicator, who seeks in this book to access every aspect of that ‘masked’ memory and reactivate it with reassuring, illuminating knowledge, recounting the events and effects of the Fall and offering the astonishing story of your personal origins and evolution.

Each chapter will not only help you to ‘at last make sense of it all’ and resonate deeply within, but, by the last page, many, if not all, of the until-now elusive answers regarding existence and those great mysteries that have perplexed philosophers and truth seekers alike, will be elusive no longer.

From the beginnings of this universe, the planets and the Earth to your essential, vital  role in creation… if you’ve been searching for a meaning to life in general, and to your  life in particular, you absolutely,  definitely  need to read this remarkable book.

…Your views of spirituality, science, and reality are about to change forever.